Clients and Physicians:

How can our center benefit from Athene TeleHealth?

At Athene TeleHealth our goal is to provide high quality telemedicine services to prevent and decrease the number of acute transfers to emergency rooms and re-hospitalizations. This will increase your facility’s revenue by allowing you to retain a high occupancy. In addition, we drastically improve your resident’s quality of life and satisfaction by diagnosing and treating them at bedside when their primary physician is not available.  We also give your nurses the opportunity to enhance their assessment skills by treating alongside our physicians.

How can Athene TeleHealth increase our revenue and ROI?

In addition to keeping a high census occupancy by preventing acute hospital transfers, facilities are also able to capture new interventions required to treat your resident’s underlying condition while increasing their RUG rates.

How does Athene TeleHealth differentiate itself from other telemedicine companies?

We provide continuous educational training to nursing personnel to help acclimate your facility to the telemedicine culture while also giving you high quality clinical support. Every month your facility will receive data analysis and outcome reports to give you quality assurance. Our team of physicians and nurses are highly trained and experienced in long term care and subacute rehab settings, providing you only the most knowledgeable and compassionate caregivers. Lastly, we offer telemedicine carts with high definition cameras, outfitted with quality stethoscopes and dermascopes to make videoconferencing seamless and efficient. This combination of ingredients is the key to our successful telemedicine program.

How does Athene TeleHealth provide services to our center?

Many nursing homes throughout the nation do not provide a doctor service beyond normal business hours. As a result, when complications arise many patients are transported to an emergency department to ensure they are seen by a doctor. Athene TeleHealth fills in the absence of physicians by using telemedicine to provide a doctor service to nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities from the hours of 7pm-7am. Patients can be assessed, diagnosed, and treated by our doctors without ever having to leave the facility.

What type of medical issues can Athene TeleHealth treat in our center?

Our Board Certified physicians are highly trained and experienced to treat complex medical cases. Some of the most common diagnoses include CHF, Pneumonia, UTI, COPD, Sepsis, Chest Pain, Falls, and Change in Mental Status.

Will Athene TeleHealth physicians communicate with the attending physicians from our center?

Absolutely! Our physicians will contact your attending doctors based on their preferences and depending on the resident’s medical condition. Attending physicians appreciate our services as we provide care when they are not available. Overall, having constant physician support improves a patient’s quality of life.

Which Athene TeleHealth physician will be on call for our center?

To maintain continuity of care, we assign specific physicians to each facility. This will allow center’s nursing staff to create a symbiotic relationship with our physician, further improving quality of care rendered.

What do nursing personnel think about telemedicine?

Living in the technological age, the daily use of computer devices and EMRs is inevitable. Nurses are more open to embracing this change in culture. As nurses utilize the machine consistently over time, they become telemedicine champions with enhanced assessment skills. Nurses also develop excellent communication skills as they consistently work alongside our physicians. Rest assured, Athene TeleHealth will take the time to teach your staff the basics of telemedicine.

Does Athene TeleHealth communicate with the residents’ family member?

Yes! When an Athene TeleHealth physician is called on to perform a thorough assessment for a resident, they will call the responsible party on record and inform them of the residents’ current status and required interventions.

How do residents and family members feel about telemedicine?

Residents and family members alike appreciate and love the fact that a physician is always available especially during the night, weekends, and holidays to examine and treat their loved one.

Family Members:

What is Athene TeleHealth?

We are a physician based group that provides Telemedicine services with the use of advanced technology and digital diagnostic equipment. We are able to examine, diagnose, and treat your loved one at their bedside whenever they experience any change in their medical condition. Our services are provided Monday thru Thursday from 7pm-7am and Friday 7pm thru Monday 7am. Your loved one will have direct physician access during the evening hours, all throughout the weekend, and holidays.

How safe is Telemedicine?

The first branch of medicine to establish a basic model for telemedicine was radiology in the late 1940s. Fast-forward to the present, the upgrades which can be integrated are limitless. Instead of attending physicians relying solely on a nurse’s assessment via telephone, Athene TeleHealth physicians can thoroughly examine, diagnose, and treat patients via telemedicine. This is made possible by our high quality videoconferencing technology and our stethoscope and dermascope attachments. Athene TeleHealth makes it possible for a physician to be there for your loved one 24/7.

Will Athene TeleHealth replace the attending physicians?

No. We are here as partners in care, not replacements for primary care physicians. We will always communicate with the attending doctor regarding the plan of care to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Does Athene TeleHealth have qualified doctors?

Our physicians are Board Certified geriatricians with years of experience. They are able to treat complex medical issues within the long term care and subacute settings.

How much will this cost out of pocket?

Nothing. The facility contracts Athene TeleHealth because their main focus is your loved one’s well-being. We help ensure they are provided the quality of care they deserve during their stay at the facility.