Telemedicine at Home

Our goal is to minimize unnecessary hospitalizations by evaluating and treating patients in the comfort of their own homes.

Our Services:

  • Live physician support
  • State-of-the-art telemedicine cart equipped with diagnostic devices
  • Staff training and clinical inservices for nursing personnel
  • Documentation for medical records
  • Quarterly analysis reports
  • IT support for optimal internet connection

How to Reduce Hospitalizations:

  • Fast and easy access to physicians
  • Immediate and efficient bedside diagnosis
  • Early interventions and rapid initiation of treatments
  • Provides consults to identify need for specialist
  • Enhances nursing skills and improve nursing assessments
  • Continues patient education for better management of acute and chronic diseases

Benefits of Telemedicine at Home:

  • Minimize healthcare cost by decreasing ER visits, hospital stays, and travel expenses
  • Educate and encourage patients to remain proactive in managing their conditions and living a healthier lifestyle
  • Provide support and guidance to nursing and collaborates with primary care physicians to improve quality of care