Featured Physicians

Evelyn Cintron, MD

Dr. Evelyn Cintron, MD, views telemedicine as one of the most innovative tools she has encountered in nearly two decades. Recognizing the significant advances in digital technology, she is thrilled with the exciting possibilities for treating patients in more efficient and cost effective ways. For her, telemedicine makes it possible for physicians to render a clinical evaluation and prescribe treatments that can be lifesaving while at the same time reducing healthcare costs by eliminating unnecessary trips to the hospital.

Dr. Cintron’s primary concern has always been the quality of care that she could provide to her patients and she is proud to be a partner with Athene TeleHealth because of the quality of care that it offers – meeting the highest standards.

She is board certified specializing in anti-aging and regenerative medicine. As a partner to Athene TeleHealth, she offers her insight and experience in interdisciplinary medical services designed to treat the patient holistically.

She is the president and founder of Belladonna Medical Wellness Inc., a center based in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. The center offers integrated services that include: general medicine, weight management, aesthetic medicine, anti-aging medicine and physical and emotional health therapies.

Dr. Mark J. Lebenthal, MD, FACP, FACC

Athene TeleHealth Educator

Dr. Mark Lebenthal

Dr. Mark J. Lebenthal, MD, is a cardiologist in private practice in Martinsville, New Jersey, and believes that the future of healthcare must include telemedicine because it provides quality care at a reduced cost and addresses patients’ medical issues without unnecessary hospital admissions.

He is proud of the value that Athene TeleHealth brings to healthcare by providing on-call physicians who offer support to the staff of nursing facilities during evening and weekend hours when the primary doctor may not be available. He also believes that telemedicine increases the clinical skills of nurses since the telemedicine doctor and nurse are examining and discussing the patient together.

Dr. Lebenthal is a cardiologist in Martinsville, New Jersey and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset. ​

He is also involved in a number of community projects. He served as as co-director for a cardiac screening program for young athletes through Somerset Medical Center and developed two educational programs for Ascend Health, one addressing the needs of cardiac patients at home and the other is a specialized program for late and end stage cardiac patients.

Stephen J. Swartz, MD
Athene TeleHealth Educator

Dr. Stephen J. Swartz

For Stephen J. Swartz, MD, telemedicine is simply the future of medicine and he is passionate about its value because as he says, it extends the reach of the physician and the nursing staff, making possible a superior level of care.

For Dr. Swartz, telemedicine increases the level of care for nursing facilities through appropriate resource management and by reducing the incidence of patients returning to the hospital, the facility can offer a better patient experience.

Board certified in internal and geriatric medicine, Dr. Swartz is a senior attending physician at Riverview Medical Center and a regional attending physician at Bayshore Community Hospital, Raritan Bay/New Brunswick Medical Center and Raritan Bay/Perth Amboy Medical Center.

He shared a private practice with his father Harry Swartz from 1987 to early 2017, and is now in private practice with Physicians Practice Enhancement, a physician management company and serves as the Regional Medical Director of the company.

He serves as the director of Meridian Hospice at Riverview Medical Center and the Medical Director for the King James Care One, Sub-Acute and Long Term Care Facility where he manages the cardiac monitoring program.

He is a volunteer faculty assistant and Clinical Professor of Medicine at Robert Wood Johnson UMDNJ Medical School and a fellow with the American College of Physicians.