The Athene TeleHealth Difference

The Athene TeleHealth Difference

Telemedicine is here. It is emergent. The question for healthcare administrators is no longer a matter of if their facility will be using telemedicine but rather which company is the best choice. The technology is impressive and there is a lot to learn but without physicians and nurses, none of it is possible. Athene TeleHealth focuses on people, providing them with continuing education and the latest videoconferencing equipment. 


Most companies rely on some kind of comprehensive software program that all departments will be expected to use in order to do their job. What often occurs is that considerable money is spent, the software is implemented and yet no one thought to provide training to employees. Experience with the program then becomes a prerequisite for all future hires. It becomes a game of catch-up.

Athene TeleHealth does not play games. It provides continuous educational training to your nursing staff. Telemedicine is a culture unto itself. It merges with the existing work culture, and then expands to the greater network we provide. Our training will adapt employees to this culture. Those who work between the hours of 7PM and 7AM will experience clinical support like never before.

Information does not flow one way. Expect monthly analysis and data reports to give you quality assurance. In addition to the training we will provide you, the knowledge of our own team of physicians and nurses, gleaned from experience in long term care and subacute rehab settings, will be at your disposal. 


Technology replacing or somehow subverting mankind is a literary trope found in science fiction. Telemedicine is science reality. Its purpose is to accommodate the practice of medicine. For example, a nurse’s cart is already stocked with patients’ medication, alcohol pads, syringes, gauze and more tools of the trade. Our telemedicine carts feature the following:

  • High definition cameras
  • Stethoscopes
  • Dermascopes

These are the tools that make videoconferencing possible. Videoconferencing is the key to preventing emergency room transfers and re-hospitalizations. Doctors do not have to be physically present in order to remain at a patient’s bedside. This means retaining a high occupancy, which means increased revenue.

Easy access to physicians benefits patients, nurses and administrators alike. Patients get round-the-clock access to a doctor’s care. Night shift nurses improve their assessment skills by treating alongside our physicians. Administrators can leave work by 6PM, knowing that the facility is in good hands. That is the Athene Telehealth difference.

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