About Athene TeleHealth 

A large number of our population relies heavily on wireless technology to stay in touch with the world. Nowadays, it is evident that this type of applied science plays a vital role in our lives. As a nurse and marketer, Athene TeleHealth’s founder and CEO, Freida Srisuk always faced the same challenges in the healthcare industry despite the client’s location. She discovered that a flaw in the healthcare system was prevalent throughout the industry. Patients, families, nursing home facilities, homecare agencies, and pharmacies all share a similar dilemma with regards to requiring a physician at some point to prevent an adverse outcome. The answer rested on the palm of her hand. She took advantage of current technology and utilized Telemedicine to supply physician access. Dr. Bobby Malik partnered with Athene TeleHealth as the Chief Medical Officer to share his ingenuity and years of experience with telemedicine practice.

Athene TeleHealth was established due to customer demand which resulted in limited access to medical practitioners during evening hours, weekends, and holidays. With Athene TeleHealth, guaranteed, quick and easy access to a live physician was now attainable via wireless technology. Patients and their family members can now rest assured that a doctor is accessible at any given time without leaving the comfort of their own homes. Nursing facilities can now treat their residents at bedside under the physician’s guidance without being re-hospitalized. Homecare agencies can now rely on physician coverage as their clients become ill. Pharmacists can now contact a physician to obtain prescriptions and emergency authorizations.

Our Vision:

Athene TeleHealth is devoted to bringing the future of healthcare to all their clients by providing technological innovation and lowering healthcare costs while continuing to administer high quality of care.